Selenium has a pretty easy method of how to upload a file. You need to find a file input element and put a file path via send keys method. That’s it! But what’s about file size? Usually, it is not important, but sometimes size matters. Why?

Nowadays microservice architecture is a wide-spread approach to design digital solutions. And often the containerization is used to achieve all the benefits microservices bring up. Due to this tendency, the automated tests need to be ready for use within containers. What does it really means for a particular set of tests?

There are a couple of ways to design how to work with a real browser while execution automated tests implemented with Selenium. Suppose, we need to use Mozilla Firefox browser to run a WEB test. The most probable way is to initiate an instance of a FirefoxDriver and play with it. Looks very easy, isn’t? Is it the best way?

SNMP protocol is the internet standard often used a monitoring instrument. This happens because it’s a widespread tool within IP/TCP networks. And there are plenty different devices supporting it like switches, routers, surveillance camera and other devices, including IoT staffs.

Test Design is creating a set of inputs for given software that will provide a set of expected outputs. So, as it’s a creative process it’ll be good to have a set of rules or approaches that guarantee the quality of a final output (usually tests or test cases).