Once the Python automated tests development is started, need to define a project/repository structure. Usually, each engineer does it in his/her own way. But do we have some common template?

It’s often a demo is required once you created a couple of Selenium tests. And when you run the tests you face a problem: the tests are executing too fast to see something on the pages. How will you solve this?

As is known, people make mistakes. And always, less or more often… And programming is not an exception. Then, the logical question is how can I protect my code from myself?

For instance, there are 3 environments potentially can be used for the automated tests. And, tests are run with a script like ./run-my-tests.bash qa1. The word qa1 is an identifier of an environment (there are also two other). Based on the environment identifier, the script has to read 2 variables to get the required configuration. How to do that?

Once I start a Python’s project, I’m starting to add interesting packages with pip install .... And, usually, it’s enough until I decided to share the project with someone. And there is a question: How can I collect packages were installed and share them?